Man Camp

Pro Traveller Toni, Stoffel and Jagge went into the backcountry last weekend to close a circle that started this past March.

 TravelToni gearing up for the wild.

Stoffel and TT fully equipped.

Jagge and the path to our camp spot.
 The spot.

 Stoffel sending a proper reverse somersault next to our spot.

 This is how we spent the evening.

TT in the morning. These boots have seen more places than most of us ever will.

 Stoffel and TT scoping new lines and reviewing the ones we tracked last season.

 TT got knocked out becuse of prohibited cellphone use.

Same summit, different time: Alex and Jagge back in March 2013 (left), Jagge and TT in July 2013 (right) at "Seelenkopf".