Watch this one and wait for James ender. Bangers for days. Fuck, I want to go to Laax.

South Park Session / Patscherkofel

Hanne and his friends set up this South Park Session for you at Patscherkofel/Innsbruck.

 They´ll prepare the burgers, they´ll shape the park and even some bands will play music. Get all the info right here and show up this weekend.


We´ve spent the last days in Sunshine Village and back in Calgary to close the circle.

Jagge and Ralph walk the line. See you soon, Calgary.


We headed way east because Revelstoke has some Pillows. That´s what she said.

On our way to Revy. Home sweet home.

 The nature fights back.

In Revelstoke, we straight ran into Toni´s friend from Munich. Simon spent the whole season there and guided us through the bowls. He knows how to shred them.

Load it up, pop it, suck it up, stomp it. Bang. Ollie.

West coast

Back in Canada we stopped in Vancouver, celebrated Toni´s birthday at Mt Seymour and tasted some Pow in Whistler.

Vancouver Downtown (left) and the boys riding their bikes through Stanley Park (right).

Vancouver seaside.

The Rail Garden at Mt Seymour. Kai performing.

Whistler got tons of snow this year. Kai is surfing some of it.

Jagge disappearing in the snow.

Cooler Mag/Jib Days

Here's a little awesome recap of the sunny Jib Days Carmen and Gaia organized a week ago. Kornfeld took all the pictures and probably had a good time with all the girls a whole weekend long...

Benny's interview at Snowstoked

Benny got himself a little Q+A at Snowstoked. Click here to read about farting in public places...Mr Ass' favorite thing.

Mt Baker

Legendary Mt Baker in Washington. No words needed.

Jagge sending some Baker-Pow.

Toni dropping.

Lost Helsinki Photos

I found some pictures from Helsinki on my cam:
James getting spit out by this bitch...


Elmi, a real chief behind the camera

Toni, our guide

happy James, after a clip



Elmis crutches. Being a filmer ain't easy

Kootenay Pass

The temperatures raised a bit. We decided to hike that summit at Kootenay Pass.

 Half way up we ran into Brian who started to guide us to the summit.


Toni and Brian discussing the line.

Done leading the Intern back down.


Nelson, BC

After the lost boardbag arrived we headed South-West to taste some pow in Fernie and Whitewater.

Seems like they got some snow lately.

Toni was hyped of all the snow and got pretty aggressive in the lift line to get the next chair first.

He was that stoked he even started drinking and celebrating the day all by himself in the chair.

 Kai popping over a pillow.


Pick-up rides back to the chair all day.

lost boardbags.

Seems like we don't have the best luck when it comes to boardbags and airplanes these days. Here's a quick one of Alex with Benny's second board, rental boots and jeans. swag!