A small view into the Atagge-Shirt-line. These shirts are just proto-types, not for sale and even not enough to hand them out to my best friends. But we´ll see how things develop.

Alex Tank is wearing the Atagge-Tank-Print-Shirt. It shows a peaceful tank in front.

I´ve on the Atagge-Tag-Shirt in black with LNP´s Pirate cap. Flo G.´s flying over my head.

Even Winnetou´s girlfriend made it to the shooting. Lovely Apanatschi shows the Tank-Print-Shirt again, not really as a Shirt, more as a showy dress.

The whole crew again with the Shirts, printed in the dark rooms of Amti-Wear´s Emporium.

Bikers came along

Hanne and Jan stopped by with their bikes this sunday afternoon. Tight pants!

one run with carmen!

Atagge/Carmen Beccaro from Atagge on Vimeo.

Holiday Adventures

As I told you, here we have some pictures of my friends traveling around at the moment in interestring countries. These pics arrived this week from Island and Tajikistan.

Juls´s spending a while up there in Island. Some kind of a natural, affluent fountain?

And my longtime friend Luci is hiking around in Tajikistan.

Before his flight, he ordered about hundreds of ballpens and some kind of small trumpets for the people there. Would like to know if he all handed out?

Third coup

of the SDSP showed off in our home town Ulm. Home advantage!
Cause things heated up and people got hyped, Butch and I decided to engage a security
for our safety while leading all those fools through the last contest.
In big Big T, we found the perfect one.

Look at Big T´s face: it´s fearsome.

Big T was backing us up while the whole contest, so we could completely focus on our work.
(Pic by Toni)

A happy and a tired face while taking a brake for some seconds up there. (Pic by Malle)

It´s a pity, the Süddeutscher Skatepokal Tour is over. We had a great and funny time while traveling through South Germany and being on tour. Haha.
Thanks Big T for that support.

Speaker Tour

and Süddeutscher Skatepokal of course.

2nd Stop in Stuttgart. (Pic by Malle)

The clip.
See you on Saturday in Ulm for the final.

Atagge Shirts

Some days ago, I visited the factory buildings down in China for some quality controls of that million of Atagge Shirts, Cups and ballpoint pens which they produce every single day.
I brought my camera and did some industrial spying.

A worker cleans the filter with some chemicals.

The Machine!

Those workers even have to work with a broken arm.

One of the first Atagge Tank Prints.

No more joking. Manuel Strobel is the man who made this possible. He established his own workshop in his garage where he is living his dream: creating Designs, printing Shirts and cutting Stickers. Have a closer look at his company AMTI WEAR or surf directly to his online shop.
It´s good to see and support such artists who getting things done.
Watch out for the result and the burning, first, limited, not availible, very own A t a g g e Shirts.
Check back!

kitten mittens... hahaha, must have!

this show called "it´s always sunny in philadelphia" looks really funny... hehe! i haven´t seen it yet but i like this trailer. check out the kitten mittens!

Atagge Ketch up with Robert Butscher

Here we come with our 2nd Ketch up.
Some weeks ago, I published the first one with Felix Urbauer. It´s pretty interesting, that several weeks later a Snowboard Mag had the exactly same idea of calling their catch ups also "Ketchup"!?
However that be, ralated to the Jagge-Butch-Speaker-Tour 2009, I gave him some words to comment on. I got to know him as a friendly, open-minded and super creative person who is alive to whatever he does.
Bombs away!

Front Board vs. fs 10: Front Board du Fucker
Lucas Magoon vs. Travis Rice: Lucas Magoooooon
21inch: heftiges Team
Fellhorn: good times
Schneestern: schon ok, dass es sie gibt, aber sie könnten ihre Arbeit besser machen und sich mehr Feedback einfangen
Hippi Disko: aaaaarrrrgh, Orgasmus Alter, aarrrgh
Sushi vs. Pizza: ich hasse Sushi
reverse camber or positive camber?: ich brauch den ganzen scheiß nicht, just snowboarding, normal, standards, I like
maximum or minimum stance: minimum
fav. Snowboarder: Forest Bailey
Videograss: errinnert mich an uns, die machen des was wir machen wollen, nur auf professionellere Art und Weise
Jed Anderson: ziemlich gut für die Snowboard-Szene, bringt wieder neuen Wind in des Ganze
Jagge-Butsch-Speaker-Tour 2009: freu mich, dass der Jagge auch am Start ist und ich dabei sein darf, so geil einfach
Gangster vs. Rocker: Hippie Steez
Tight Pants: bitte nicht zu tight
Get rich or get loose: hauptsache meine Freunde sind bei mir, dann ist es mir Wurst
What´s in your Hi-Back Pack?: Kaugummies
What´s in your goggle Bag?: mein Brillentuch
Goggle or sun glasses?: Goggle
Speed sliding: difficult
Innsbruck vs. Allgäu: keine Frage, Allgäu, da ist das Herz zuhause, da sind keine Bandanas und Stirnbänder
Isenseven: cool, wenn man dabei ist, aber auch nicht so schlimm, wenn man nicht dabei ist
Sexy vs. Character: Character
Fs oder bs Verkanter: lieber Backside
Inline Skaten: glaub besser wie ski fahren

swiss summer snowpatch!

It's beginning of september and we have been snowboarding on the very last bit of snow. nope, not zermatt or saasfee, the atagge swiss connection has a pretty dope secret spot close to one of the many passes that cross the alps. they have a pretty handsome setup there...and they let us ride the whole day. still enough snow to shred in september, wonder how it looks like in early july. endless possibilities! too bad, we have been so buys riding all day, that we almost forgot to take any pictures! whatever, snowboarding is way more fun than taking pictures anyway!

Carmen with a sweet fs noseblunt after sun did hide behind te hill!

Alex pre 5-0!

Andy Walker aka 1/3 of the atagge swiss connection (missing: Carmen and Flo and everybody who feels like that.)

Thanks boys for this day! I'm so jealous on your summerspot!


So liebe freunde, wer mal wieder was gutes für die umwelt machen möchte, der sollte jetzt mal gut aufpassen... der gute mann in dem video weiß wie es geht, ansonsten muss er die erde im alleingang retten und das macht der mit nur einem stück scheißhauspapier... respect!
ach ja und nicht vergessen den fingernagel am ende zu putzen!

Süddeutscher Skatepokal

SouthGermanSkateCup shows up in South Germany near you. Be there for some skating or for that other popular hobby HATING. 3 Shops, three stops, 3000 euros price money, 3 weekends, 3 parties, 3 60 flips, 1...2...3 from Dettingen to Souther Germany.

Click the flyer or the threes for more information.
I´ll take part in that threeer event, but not for skating, I know I´m pretty lame. Haha. But remember that game of s.k.a.t.e., Alex and I played a while ago, I won the first round.

B.o.d.e. ´n see

Last week, I passed some beautiful days at that lake called Bodensee which means something like Floorlake. Here are some pictures:

On this pic you can see Valli smoking and searching something right before some night swimming. Not that interesting, but take a closer look, then you can see funny Chris posing in the back because he thought I would picture him.

Laughing horse.

Here you can see me riding that tractor. Hold on, it´s not me, it´s my double who I engaged cause of lack of time. His real name is Benny. He looks like me, sorry, he looks a little sweeter.

This time it´s me, having some fun on the top of the P.F.änder with some musicians. Yes, that guy looks like a women but I can tell you, he is a man.