Jagge changed sites over to the Cobrats...

urban style in the hood

bennys mt. hood footy... enjoy!

Benny Urban at Mt. Hood from Benny Urban on Vimeo.

Carmen 10 Questions

Playboy had a little interview going on with Carmen. If you're able to read a bit of german go click here to read it all.

Secret Spot

We went up to this hidden little rail nobody knows about, again. This time we had a point-and-shoot with us, to get our blog back to life!

Benny pressing the rail nobody knows!

Alex thinking about something or whatever...

Butschi boardsliding!

Yes, these two badboys know this spot! They hate skiers, by the way!

I have abolutely no idea why...

Benny all alone hiking!

keep smilin'! Season is around the corner!

lack of posts!

To get this stupid blog at least a little bit back on track, we recommend you to attend the 21inch premiere in Oberstdorf this saturday. Probably lots of really tall tees around...


The house of horror and their first full length video! So boss!