My good and longtime friend Jan Welke celebrated his birthday last week. So I rolled into town.

The Promised Land. Stuttgart Downtown.

 Jan and his homies will move out soon. Fortunately, I always have a marker in my pocket.

 JZA arrived pretty early and prepared the walls with some posters showing the building from the outside...

...and I completed them.


 A leftover video premiere poster from back in the days: Change.06.

At my aunt´s house I found this picture at the wall. I painted it back in 1999.


The Demo continues.
May 26/27, 2012 at Kaunertal Glacier, Austria.

Heavy Teaser

NOWAMEAN crew dropping their teaser for the movie PIGEYE. Delivered from Quebec.

Raffi at KT

Go-Shred had some little hangout going on last weekend at Kaunertal. Raffi was also there and took some banging laps.

Cabin Fever

We just spent two days in the wild.

Our cabin, the plateau and the summit.

Not sure what they´re trying to do.

Aggression problem?

Sunset sky.

Travel Toni / Vancouver Island

Adventurist and Surferboy Toni made it to a couple beaches around the Island.

From Vancouver Island with Love. Click the pic for more stories.


Munich´s Irregular Magazine featured the Demo starting from page 8. Our Boy Steffen Kornfeld is reflecting the day.

Jour fixe

 Atagge Jour fixe via skype. Classic.

Growling Tribe

Some springtime footage from the camp with all the homies.

two legends

Rest in peace

Lost California Pictures

Alex went through his harddrive and found some pictures from his trip to Cali this spring.
Alex and Benny playing with the shadows.

Seems like it was still too cold to play some volleyball.

Going for a walk

Palms and Pacific

A bench

A short stopover in Las Vegas. Overrated as fuck...

But it has its moments

Toni and Alex tried to walk up to the Hollywood Letters.

Apparently it's not really allowed

Halfway up and a banging view

still halfway

A quick snap out of the car at Manhattan Beach.

We spent some time watching waves

But they came really close. A bit too close for Toni.


Hoody Creation

I realized this hoody creation some months ago.

Sorry! The lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock.