One man down

Our boy Marco just broke his collarbone last saturday. Get well soon, homie.

Forest and his Fullpart

This is Forest's Fullpart from this year's Givin release "too". One could easily say that this is one the better parts this season.

Filmer Skills

Can your filmer do that? E-Boss right there!

Urban Tank Diarrhea: Home Sweet Home

We spent some time back home in wonderful Allgäu a week ago. The reason why this post comes this late is, that those two fuckers where either searching for some bottomless pow in Switzerland or at least a little bit of snow aka chunks of ice in Italy.

The boys went up to GG the first days, riding the first snow up there. Here's Gido being happy.

Same with Alex

Benny on that switch FS Nose steez

We then hit up the bar to see Growling Tribe's first movie: Forest Of The Haze. The kids did a great job for their first movie. Here's Marco and Chris

Boozy the little cat was there, too.

Little Ruchte presenting his movie in front of the crowd. I think it's the first time i heard him actually open his mouth. Good Job with the movie, Stephan!

Benny and Simon having some Beers and a good time.

The next day we went up to start filming. Don't you disrespect the vest!

Well, fuck filming when there's two feet of fresh! Smiles all over the place! 

ClastCast with Alex

Alex went to Switzerland to ride some earlyseason pow with the Clastboys. Classic Railkid-in-the-Pow-Moments included...
Snowstoked´s Rider Check with our boy James Niederberger.

Flo and James: nasty look.

Wood Design

With the help of a CNC machining center I drew something into the wood. Work in progress.

We were on drugs

Benny, Alex, Elmi and a quick screenshot from our first filming trip. 


Ralphe is interning with Atagge for quite a while. It was time for his professional clothing.

Forest of the Haze

Hola guapa! Fire edit with Growling Tribes Chris Geng, Dominik Hanke, Stefan Meyer, Wolfgang Natterer, Marco Rinke and a bunch of homies. Appearances also by Alex Tank and Butch.