I did this painting while taking a break from everyday life. It was almost ready and I thought this guy looks like he wants something to say. I didn´t know what, then I got inspired by Bob Dylan´s song one more cup of coffee.

Isenseven premiere!

Preston Strout Part 2

Here's what Preston Strout has to say after his first and hopefully only day on skis! Skiing is great! Don't you think so too?


It still exists! He just fucks your life! I know i'm a nerd, as far as videos are concerned, but actually i want everybody to see this! haha!

Atagge-Busenitz Skate Shoe Collab

This is the Atagge-Busenitz co-branded football, ähm sorry, skate shoe. The collection is limited to one pair, so I´m really happy that I snatched one.

It´s actually a skate shoe, but I fear I´ll play more football with them than skating.
Watch out for more collabs.

Happy life breathing, Jagge


Often, I run into some words, sentences and stuff like that and I started to write them down or picture them, so I don´t forget them and can think about them. (4 "them´s" in one sentence, haha).
I´ll share some of them with you, perhaps you also think it´s kind of interesting.

Some years ago, I found this one of the Legend Lukas Huffman. His last words as a professional snowboarder about his past and future.

...on a shirt...

...on a poster.


Please check out this funny movie of the hard everyday life of a skater. You can see Konne and Danjar of the 58 skate team how they had to fight just to shoot a legit tail wheelie 360 flip out in Ulm. We need more Big Blacks (aka Dyrdeck Security) for the skaters.
People, stop stopping us doing creative shit on that four wheels.

58skate - STRESS! from Konne Fuchs on Vimeo.

This movie is so funny!
By the way, have a closer look on that Blog of the 58 skate fools.

Skiing and Snowboarding!

Preston Strout, the owner of one of the best summercamps in the world, made a list why skiing is pretty much lame...face the truth my dear friends with the two poles. (He doesn't only the way)
I know. Eric has it already on his Goodquestion site. But i thought it would fit in our gay blog, too.

Floris toller Tag!

Happy Birthday! We got some hookers for you! and blackjack maybe!

The Trainson, uhh

Here we come with some kind of art I did a while ago. I called it "The Trainson" and it was painted with Copics. I like painting with them.
The work shows a train section how I would create one for my friends and me and I´m sure especially my friends Maxi and Hza would like it, you should know why!

Looking forward to post some holiday adeventures. It seems like that everybody of my friends is somewhere around the world: Bali, Brasilia, Thailand, New Zealand, Portugal, Island, even Luci will pass a long time in Tajikistan (how crazy is this, follow the link and find out where it is).

What the hell did he just do to snowboarding?

Justin´s words on the videograss page about HCSC Session 5:
"Looks like things are beyond heated up at High Cascade. Just watch this video!!!!! Jake Olson-Elm rips some slush. Looks like he learned a few new moves. And Jed Anderson is not human! Seriously! What the hell did he just do to snowboarding? Joey Sexton, Chris Grenier, Ted Borland, Alex Andrews, Scott Stevens! Backflip onto rails kid, Bode, the list goes on, but I must say this video has more hammers then a hardware store."

What´s going on? I´m also sure this clip contains more bangers than the most of the upcoming snowboard videos. Live for today, Jagge

Jed Anderson still fucks your life!

After that stupid Vimeo link isn't working anymore I just found a website where it is still on! Go check it with a click right here! Or here!

Atagge Ketch up with Felix Urbauer

Last weekend, Alex and me ran into Felix in Munich that morning. He was leaving the Night Club and on his way home, so we took our chance and ketched him up in the metro to ask him some very important questions, everybody wants to know. I´m sure!
The result is the following wordfire! Enjoy!

Bereit? -Immer
2ndunit? -good times
Tittchen? -toll
Voyeur? -Klausi
Schuhe? -wichtig
schwimmen? -überbewertet
Auto fahren? -käme gut
Pumuckl? -Klassiker, geil
Transformers? -
Jacko? -the man
Munich vs. Oberstdorf? -Aids vs. Ebola
front Board or fs 9? -fs bs 1440 triple cork quad grab double tweak
Videograss? -overkill
Justin Meyer? -who?
Bozwreck? -fan
a season with Klausi? -ist mehr als genug
Love? -passiert
JP Walker? -er war der wichtigste am Anfang
Jed Anderson vs. Travis Rice? -Travis who?
Atagge? -liegt grad bei mir im Bett
chilliger Hund? -eigentlich der Jagge
true word about Munich girls? -äh, wieso?
Klausi´s Lehrer? -tough job, but someone got to ruin him
favorite Movie? -Shawshank Redemption
favorite Skater? -Mike Johnson
favorite Snowboarder? -LNP
San Francisco? -Alyona

random Pics of the last days

Back in Ulm after a long time. The tower in the back is Ulm´s so called "Metztgerturm". Ina, Toni and Flo are laughing at or with me...don´t know.

The morning after the party. Somebody´s shooting at sleeping Ina.

Even the cat "Weenie" was bored playing with that string and started some skating.

Chris tried to ride his bike. This is no fake. Word.

It finally worked out. Riding through lovely Bavaria.

That cow looks pretty confused and bored.

Back in Munich. The Boys tried to get the hair done and getting ready for party.

After the Party, Alex and Alex sleeping, well, Alex not really.

Alex´s still sleeping on Lolli´s couch while Felix did some biz.

Back home he is sleeping again. Did you do something else in Munich that weekend?

Superman´s flying on somebody´s neck.

Jed Anderson still fucks your life!

I've just seen the most amazing snowboarding ever i think. Seriously...I'm speechless. So here's the edit, i can't say any more words...

Nachtrag: Das Video geht nicht mehr!!!


all the best for you my friend!