Welcome Back

Thank God, TravelToni just got back seemingly well.

What a crew: Stoffel, TravelToni and the Intern get together.

LEFT: What did travelling do to you? RIGHT: What did business do to you?

The Mustachio Recap

Mustachio had a banging Recap of the Jib Factory. Click here to read it!
Alex and Jagge taking care of business.


Alex, Gido and James on a chairlift in Laax. April 2013. Photo: Dominic Zimmermann

Salzwinkel backcountry

Most people are into ski touring these days. We at Atagge prefer them tracked vehicles.

 Jagge sending pow.

 Ralphe enables Jagge to do a solid ride through Salzwinkel´s backcountry.

Scenic beauty next to Salzwinkel Snowpark. They got lots of snow and a good park this year.