earlybird preseason jib grasgehren

While Alex is somewhere around golfing and jagge is ähhh somewhere doing his stuff
I was up in Grasgehren the last two afternoons with my lil bro.

Rhino Jam

Last Weekend there was a Contest in Uster named Rhino Jam!!
Sponsored by: Timeout Shop,Academy Snowboards..Swiss Connection Andy Walker, Flo Arnold....joined us

here some impressions..


HELLO Andy Walker

Mäci Aellig

Gina Somaini

Carmen Beccaro

Flo Arnold
Snowboard Men:
1.Flo Arnold
2.Boris Bühler
3. Arda Serce
Snowboard Ladies:
1. Gina Somaini
2. Carmen Beccaro
3. Joelle Juchli
Besides good music,delicious food, a lot of beer and a pretty cool setup it was a really awesome event!thanks guys!!


Ulm´s favorite DJ Niggo is wearing the Revenge Shirt at work.

a handful of them are left.


Flo asked me to upload this. First few runs of the season on pure ice, seems funny though. And Andre, it's called iPHONE for a reason...

Atagge Swiss Connection!

Our homies are able to do way better edits then we do...the most of the swiss homies in here:


So...here's not Atagge 3000, but a little edit Jagge made with all the footage he had from last year, including Toni, Hanne, and the two longhair hippies Alex and Butsch. Go cut your hair, folks!

Ataggettogether from Atagge on Vimeo.

Summer is over!

You should act quickly to get your hands on one of the shirts! They'll be gone soon...just sayin'


Benny is rapping some answers over at massive moves.

Iphone nerdness!

Andre is so stoked on his new Iphone that he films everything that gets in front of his "camera"...another trashy 21inch edit from their first day on snow. And some Atagge-T-shirt preview!

New York Skate Style

some urban skateboarding outa New York City... damn sweet spots!
check it out:

Eat Here Not There from DQM on Vimeo.

Atagge T-Shirts 2010

Ok, here we have Atagge´s first, super limited and handmade collection of t-shirts including three print designs and three colors. They come with a badass cut and proper quality.
Ulm´s fifty-eight is the place where you're able to get them. Or order them online here.

the whole line in a row

the "tank" tee. Even though we're not the biggest fans of atillery.

the "tag", fag!

last but not least the "revenge" tee.

the "revenge" graphic in detail!

all prints are handmade with the help of amti-wear´s Manuel Strobel and his basement.
you can order them here!

tomorrow is the 58 videopremiere

don´t miss the premiere at roxy ulm, october 2nd at 9:00 pm.

click the flyer for the info.

do they show any atagge footage?