Crap Show Round 2

James and the swiss homies droppin' hammers.

Flo´s dropping his first line... ever!

while everybody else is out there searching for some metal, flo made his first real backcountry experience!
he did the hicking and all that stuff... his face looks like he had a great time!

Flo's dropping his first line... from Clemens Paul on Vimeo.

The Lion's Den

We went to Austria for a day to hit some Rails.
Footy Check. Check!

Marco and a perfect example of a switch fs 180 5-0.

I don't know wether Andy's stoked or not...


I´ve got this nice present for Christmas. It wasn´t wrapped at all, so it´s not my fault to have already my first Christmas present. Merry Christmas!

Goat´s eye.

Goat´s eye just opened and was the place to be last wknd. There was the pow I signed for.

It took us two whole days to track all the untracked lines.

 After a big dump the highways were quite bad. Fortunately, Jeremy´s tuning car has some spikes on the wheels.

 This guy didn´t make it to the parking lot.

These gang signs are strange to me.

5 bucks, Nigga!

Marco's getting paid! Does that mean he's pro now?

G'd Up

Swiss homie Elmi killing it with his part from "Still Standing"

GG Opening

Our polish friend Plaster happened to have a camera in his hand last sunday. Sometimes Butsch, Alex and the boys were in front of it. Crappy tricks, fun times!

Sunshine Village 2.0

Another day at Alberta´s finest resort.

Just 7607 km to Frankfurt. Seems to be not that far away.

It´s time for winter tires.

This time Graham was kind of the Guide through the woods and rocks.

DJ Duo Willy and Remy besides Graham and my humble self in the chair.


Thanks Toni the very first "Spätzle-Fest" went down in the Heart of the New West. He gave me that fancy Spätzle-Shaker before I left.

 And this was the result of the hard work. Honestly, most of the guests were Germans this day, but the real traditional "Schwäbische-Spätzle" were also new to them.


Here are two snapshots of Alex, Lolli Luigi took on the Arnette trip.

Method Mag

Just had a quick look at the new Method Mag, but it seems like there is some good stuff in here. And especially a nice AD featuring Alex. Go, find it.


After 3 days of continuous snowfall, even the first resort in good old Germany thought it's enough to get the lifts running. First day. Two feet deep. Can't get much better.
A really tall Alex and a quite small Gido.
...and Flo of course. Laps for days. Tired as fuck. Good Night!

Sunshine Village

I call this my first powder day since...actually it feels like years. At Sunshine Village the 70cm rolled in and we headed out.
If I could, I would ship some of the snow over to the Homies in Europe.

 Half of the crew. They were quite busy showing me all of the secret spots.


And finally that fool...seems like there were no powder skills left from back in the days.

Zermatt last summer

Since it still feel a bit like summer, even though it's already december, here's a clip from last summer in Zermatt with a bit of Alex and all the swiss homies. Good times.


Wimbledon Warmup

There's no snow around home, so Flo and Alex decided to play some tennis and get ready for Wimbledon 2012. 
 Flo. Happy about his first point in the warmup

 Alex's service is too damn fast for the camera, but he never hits the field.

Good Game. Revenge is up tomorrow!

LAAX Superpost

Benny and Flo visited the one and only swiss homie James in Laax for the weekend...
good times went down!

                                                            James and Flo... brohug!

                                                     Benny and Flo - Wu-Tang for life

                                                    James and Flo Böckfuck liftride

                                            The Shaperboys did a great job... thanx for that!

                                          James´ Handplant, Benny´s Handplant, Flo´s big fail

                                                                    fs 5-0 by Flo

                                         Benny has a real nice switch back nosepress on lock

                              This guy was up there too. Böris shows you how to do a tailgrap!

                                                       Flo and a frontside noseblunt

                                Don´t know how to call that trick... one-foot something by Benny

                                                                    Benny again...

                         James and a his one footed air maneuver aka Scott Stevens - holla-at-yah-boy!

                                there is an epic fail in this pic... can you find it? He did it all by his own...

Another couple of laps with Forest

Forest "Boardin" Bailey from Jon Francis on Vimeo.

Boznuts is back

Quick Ste' 3 from STE' T.V. on Vimeo.

It´s Butsh´s Birthday, Bitch.

Today of all days, Jagge had a relly good skype conversation with that "young" man who is turning one year older today. The snapshots pretty much show the trend of the talk.


Alex and Carmen had to go to Zermatt for a Zimtstern catalogue shoot. Here's a snap of Alex from Howzee's blog.

James' last season

Blume made a little edit about James' 2010/2011 season. Well done my friend!

James Niederberger  Season-Recap LAAX/HELSINKI 2011 from BlumePictures on Vimeo.


It´s been quite a long time since my last day boardin, so I wanted to catch the first snow in the mountains some weeks ago.

Nakiska. These are not the 13 feet of fresh you expect from Canada, but they had some man-made slush on top, fun anyway.

Lake Louise. The next week we drove deeper into the mountains to taste some real snow.

Canada Olympic Park.

Finally the -25 degree celcius arrived last wknd. It was kind of chilly riding COP again.

Isenseven Intro

Lexi just made the intro embedable. Goosebumps, even after watching that movie for a million times.

What´s going on?

JZA sent over this pic of him reppin the upcoming SnowPark Innsbruck. Hanne, Maximilian Meisberger and I think a bunch of other fools started the young project to have a funny park around IBK.

He seems to be down with that project.

The two already proved their shaping skills back in 2006 building this backyard park. Have a closer look, Jan is catching some lip after going for the transfer. Hope the new park comes in a similar look.

The Boys

went to Kaunertal for some boardin. Botzenhart, Schmidt, Denz and Butscher

Arnette All Eyes On Me

A couple of weeks back, Alex went on a little trip with all the winners of the Arnette All Eyes On Me thing. Felix made an edit, it was fun to shred with these little guys and teach them some tricks.

Road trippin’ with the Arnette ALL EYES ON ME winners from Arnette Europe on Vimeo.

Pleasure Jam

While Carmen and James enjoyed Laax Opening Day, Benny and Alex went to Dachstein to do some Ice Skating. Icey as Fuck. Korny was also there to take some pictures for a big Snowboardshop, but also pulled the trigger when Benny and Alex happen to be in front of the camera while doing hot laps!
 Obligatory brohug!
 Fuck hitting icey rails. Big fast ollies, it was!
 Hello Korny!
 Lexi Schill and Isenseven's new guy: Benny
last, but also least: a crappy boardslide