make sure you know everything about snowboarding

A few days ago I found this pretty interesting interview with Justin Meyer, the headfilmer and mastermind behind videograss. Listen to his words and think about it! Click the Videograssthingy to read it!

camp of bad weather

Finally i managed to update that lame ass blog again, since Jagge is lost at the university forever. Carmen, Benny and I are here at the fantabolous Camp of Champions in Whistler. Damn nice place with a sweet park and really fucked up weather! keep raining!

Carmen in the fog!

Jagge's girlfriend

Yesterday I made this little video with Jagge's girlfriend. She's showing her crib and her best friend. It's pretty here to see how nice her apartment is.

What´s going on?

Right after Alex left the office yesterday evening I took that picture of him crossing the street and disappearing completely behind the red door of the shop which is located right next to the office.
Wondering why he was kind of nervous and why he forgot his new sponge bag in the bathroom before he left.

Emporium Visitors and Atagge Day

Alex was on the way to Dachstein when he got a call that the lifts aren´t even running, due to the bad weather and wind. So he decided to stop by at the office in Rosenheim.

He showed up with his birthday present of Carmen. It´s something where he can put in his tooth brush, so it doesn´t have to stick out of his backpack anymore.

You can see the WINNER and LOOSER of our intense little game of s.k.a.t.e. Take a closer look at the shirts to find out who won and how close it was. Probably you can even tell on the guys´ faces.

Happy Birthday Alex

Some random pics I shot yesterday evening while riding around with my bike. They´re nothing special, but perhaps you´ll enjoy them while thinking of Alex. It´s his birthday today. Well, of course, I wish him all the best and a happy future. Live long and prosper!

Some snowboard related themes will follow soon...perhaps.