Finally, here's our little clip from our icey gettogether.


Elmi and Alex went to Japan for a Head trip. Here are some impressions from photoG Flo J├Ąger.
 Alex and Elmi getting back from some pillow lines right next to the road

 The journey is long, but well worth it. 

Alex' new goggle style

doorway hangout

Where to drop?

The Demo

two weeks ago, we had our little annual get together we call a demo. It was fun as always, even though we had the worst conditions. a rainy day before and an icecold night really made us loose our edges. But still, highfives, beers and burgers. Makes up for it.
 This should actually be a picture of Flo, not Alex. He did all the work and set up and incredible fun park.

 James and Benny. Apparently, they had a good time.
 Gido, Flo and Jagge. He got a bit smaller with all the universitypressure on his shoulders.

 Gido stuffes his face

The Gang 

James and Basti doing some one foots.

Jagge, a real player.

Benny pressing

Kai boardsliding

Boards were broken

Jagge also took a small lap

Atagge Highest Ollie Contest

Fifty-Eight and Salzwinkel Snowpark presented the first Atagge Highest Ollie Contest at Jagge´s home mountain 30 km west from Ulm while the Salzwinkel Jam 2013.

 We started with a low height, the crowd was hyped though.

Even TravelToni came all the way from Down Under: (f.l.t.r.) TravelToni, Fab and Ralphe.

 Grumpy old man.

Stuttgart´s Newcomer Paule warming up.

 K-Shaw. Out.

Old-timer Julle got high, but didn´t make the 80cm.

The lucky winners made the 80cm and got the medals. Congrats!

 Ralphe won Best Atagge Intern in 2012.

Jagge on his way home.

Down To Earth

Benny is involved in a new peoject this year, together with his teammates over at Nitro.


Alex Tank Showroom in the new Pleasuremag. Get yourself a copy, build a tank and win his gear.


Alex Olson on skateboarding and surfing. And you can adapt that to snowboarding, too. Listen to this. There's so much wrong in our industry...

Ollie Contest

 Atagge Highest Ollie Contest while Fifty-Eight Salzwinkel Jam 2013 is coming up.

Demo Recap

The AtaggeXForealXDemo 2013 is a wrap.

Thanks everybody for coming.

David Herbst made an edit!

Flo was on TV

As the head shaper of Crystal Ground, it was a sure thing that he gets interviewed when the local TV-station is doing a report. Awesome.

Crap Show with the boys

Alex and Gido went to Laax last week and had some quick laps with Blume, the filmer of this banging web series.