Atagge Highest Ollie Contest

Fifty-Eight and Salzwinkel Snowpark presented the first Atagge Highest Ollie Contest at Jagge´s home mountain 30 km west from Ulm while the Salzwinkel Jam 2013.

 We started with a low height, the crowd was hyped though.

Even TravelToni came all the way from Down Under: (f.l.t.r.) TravelToni, Fab and Ralphe.

 Grumpy old man.

Stuttgart´s Newcomer Paule warming up.

 K-Shaw. Out.

Old-timer Julle got high, but didn´t make the 80cm.

The lucky winners made the 80cm and got the medals. Congrats!

 Ralphe won Best Atagge Intern in 2012.

Jagge on his way home.