The Demo

two weeks ago, we had our little annual get together we call a demo. It was fun as always, even though we had the worst conditions. a rainy day before and an icecold night really made us loose our edges. But still, highfives, beers and burgers. Makes up for it.
 This should actually be a picture of Flo, not Alex. He did all the work and set up and incredible fun park.

 James and Benny. Apparently, they had a good time.
 Gido, Flo and Jagge. He got a bit smaller with all the universitypressure on his shoulders.

 Gido stuffes his face

The Gang 

James and Basti doing some one foots.

Jagge, a real player.

Benny pressing

Kai boardsliding

Boards were broken

Jagge also took a small lap