Jagge had the privilege of doing some boarding in the Butchyard some weeks ago.

 Butch is marking his territory.

 Jagge preparing the landing in an ergonomic way.

Serious consequences.

 Spring found his way into the mountains for a minute.

 Butch is celebrating the end of an epic day.

Jagge and Butch showing their colours.

One of the cutest animals on the planet and a cat.

Straight back to work. Thug life.

District X FAS

Watching the District X FAS colab edit reminds me of the very first Atagge days some years ago, but their tricks are way better.

Help for TravelToni

Arriving in Thailand after over one year on the road TravelToni ran out of money. You can help him keeping on his journey.

Personal appeal. The first donation has already arrived.

TT posing at a temple in Thailand.

Head Japan

Here's the Head clip from their recent trip to Japan, with some footage of Alex in it. Powderindeinmaul!


Allgäu Pow

The old gondola to the secret spots.

 Pow-Rookie Butch and local guide Stoffel.

 The Intern is stretching Jagge after several months at the desk.

 Ralphe, Stoffel and a wonderful view.

Beware of this brigade!

 A small variety of Butch´s shoe collection.

 Day 2. JaggeButshow in the gondola.

Flo and Alex joined us.

 Most of the crew at the top.

 Jagge on the run.

 As a local Stoffel knows good spots for bs sprays.

Hurry Up!

Alex right before getting kicked out. Ottawa/March 2013. Shot by Dominic Zimmermann.

Product Preview

Head Snowboards, Alex Tank and Jagge teamed up to create the EVIL i. FLOCKA dropping fall 2013.

It´s official: Atagge turned pro. Don´t take it too seriously!


Alex and Jagge deep in Allgäu´s backcountry. This deck works for pow as well as for them rails.


I ran into Florian Schmid yesterday night by accident: true legend. Worth a post.

Still killing it at life.

Flo back in May 2002 at Kaunertal Glacier. He has better no-shirt backflips than you.


The Fifty-Eight Salzwinkel Jam 2013 edit including the "Atagge Highest Ollie Contest" footage. Close your eyes when you see skiing.

Full Part

Better late than never. Maximilian Meisberger´s full part from last season. Yes, he had some pow days out there.