Dachstein Super Sunburn

2 weeks ago (i know, i´m late, sorry for that) alex, gaia and i were visiting the dachstein glacier for the last time this year. it was fun, but not too fun... a bit foggy and windy... but the sun was really fucking aggressive and "atagged" us and so i got a volcanic sunburn in my face!
"Didn´t you use any sunblocker???!!! "- NO, sorry i FORGOT! but thanx guys... next time i will remember it for sure! by the way alex got some nice red tan as well... hehe!


Jagge got a haircut! finally. After making fun out of him for the last few days he send me this picture for proof!

videograss trailer

here is the Videograss trailer! If you liked kidsnow's LoveHate and Burning Bridges you probably like this one too. Nick Dirks' opinion on it: "Justin Meyer made snowboarding cool again!". I'm definately looking forward, since it's pretty much the best ensamble of riders! Yaiiih! No more skipping!


that´s right. I´ll start this new interesting time with that flyer again, which motivates you to show up in Neu-Ulm this weekend to skate and hang out a bit.

Click the sausage for more info...
Ok, the following time should be really interesting with some holiday reports of our friends, Art, caught up´s, and just sensless posts as usual.

Hello Life, Jagge

Jagge is back!!

After 2 months of hard studying behind closed doors Jagge is back in the game with quite long hair!

BBQ Skate Session, 26.7.

goes down in Neu-Ulm next weekend. I´ve no time, so the facts:
BBQ, Bowls, Skate, Prices, Friends, Fun, Vid Premiere of some old Skate movies of Ulm´s finest Skaters.
For more information check the Fifty-Eight page.
Should be great times, I´ll be there.

The Bowls in Neu-Ulm.

Atagge Game of Shred

The very first unofficial maybe annual Atagge Game of Shred went down quite a while ago at Kaunertal. Tricks got sended and tears rolled down. A hand full of serious competitors were there to win the championship, but the grand finale was a hard fight between Alex and Jagge. At the end Alex had more luck and took home the title of nonsense.

Jagge and some sort of frontboardthingy. He landed fucking everything! Not to mention that more than the half of the competitors got a letter for a regular bs boardslide Jagge showed off.

The bro-hug after the final!

We're thinking about a more official Atagge Game of Shred beginning of next season...we got some thoughts. Hopefully it works out.

All pics by our friend and photographer Maxime Compagnon.