peanutbutter your ass

We went to a contest last week where you don't win by doing every trick in the should better learn how to swivel your ass off, Toni and Carmen.

Jagge and Alex were doing doubles all fucking day...loving contest snowboarding!


here's the new Isenseventrailer with a few shots of Alex in it...looking good. black and white. me likey!


I spend the last 2 days in Butsch's own little funresort in the middle of nowhere. this place is awesome...we had sun, slush and high 5s. what else can you ask for?

Alex capturing Butsch's nice tweakiooo.

eat shit

Alex filming

Kornfeld joined us on the 2nd day and was using his iphone very professionally again

obligatory stop at your favorite burgerplace outside of Cali

a little blogfame in the dangerzone

hope you're doing well nick! check his germaniablog!

helsinki medium post

The Swiss connection made a trip up to the cold lands of finland. Helsinki to be exact. And they were nice enough to take Alex with them. It was a hell of a trip. So here are some pics...

Donut real big
Helsinki real big. And nice

Everything real big.

Mäcci and his cute passport

What the fuck just happened?

Flo getting a little taco on rollerblades

Phil the filmer and Mr. Whitetrash...

Alex filming a ghost. Jagge to be exact...

Elmi's warmup spot

Elmi handling the cam

A flat on the very last day of the trip. The trip ended in a shithole to be exact.

fixing the shitty rental

Alex had the earliest flight and was the only one who DIDN'T miss his flight. But internet at least
I don't really get why it's all underlined. Whatever...That's it for now. Thanks for the trip boys!

Ispo late shit

We went to ispo and had some beers. But due to the fact that Kornfeld sold me a non-working Mac, I haven't been able to update that blog with lame ispo shit.

That's almost by far the gayest picture of all times. Ashbury Europe "Intern" Toni (on the very right) wanted it this way...He's killing it.

Bananas. Atagge is claiming this guy for themselves.

Carmen did a rail and Alex is digging


Nothing to post right now. I mean not yet. Jagge is out of snowboarding for like ever, Flo broke his collarbone and alex is in helsinki with the swiss connection. Megapost about this trip coming soon, I presume. In the meantime I found that sweet edit that has hammers for days...

Monday Minute #22 from riley erickson on Vimeo.

Fellhorn - good times!

i know it happend at least 2 or 3 weeks ago, but who cares. alex, carmen, steffen and myself (flo) took a few laps at the fellhorn park, it was great fun.
hammers all day long... NOT!
all "shots" by steffen, our favorite iphone-pro-photograph!

the crew!

alex with a epic method at the stairset.

I don`t give a fuck!

and so does alex!