Ataggettogether Tux

Flo, Carmen, Jagge and Alex went to Tux for a day. No liftlines on sunny sunday? C'mon! It was a blast.

Angry and happy


Alex and Jagge 


Only riding picture on the way down. Alex and Flo taking the straight line. It got quite fast.

Hangin' out

took this one from the shabas. Andy chilling on that rail.

Benny couldn't hold it anymore!

...and didn't make it over the edge!

Peach Hat!

Peach Hat's trailer with our canadian broski BB in it. Me likey!

LOST BOYS from Beebe on Vimeo.

Jib Factory LatePost

uhh...already a month ago? Pfff. Who cares? Those pics just came in!
Alex polejam frontboard pic: Korni

Butsch: Polejam Tucknee or whatever you'd like to call it! pic: Korni

Speakerking! pic: Korni

The day after: Rain. Didn't stop Jagge to get back in the game.

Benny switch backlip. Hype!


Gido. Bang!

Takin' a dump!

Benny in Hood last summer

see you in a few weeks!
Summer Shred At Mt. Hood 2010 from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

Benny and Alex in an RV 2

breaking boards and shit...

Benny and Alex in an RV

Benny and Alex were on a roadtrip through switzerland the last few days. Here are some pics from Howzee's blog


Our little broski Boozy...

21's Michael Botzenhart Vol. I from 21INCH on Vimeo.


Andy wants his board to be softer...

Something for the Girls!

Winter Wars teaser from peepshow on Vimeo.


"Shaun White? Shaun White fucking helicopter in here bang your mum and your girlfriend and set your board on fire!"

Zugspitze Spring in the Park mini late post

i know it happened already 3 week ago... but make sure to be there next year.

Basti and myself hiking the downrail... thanks for shaping the park mr kuhn!

Myself doing a Method at the StepUp Kicker

fotos by Alex Schneider


The Don
Take note of our newest addition to the "worth a click" list on the right. For an interview of JP about the hungry beast click here.


If you click here you can read Alex's interview from SnowStoked.

Jib Factory MegaPost Part II

Carmen is now a photographer. Here are her pics:
Shorts and T-Shirt in April? Topless Please! 


footy check!

Alex, bs blunt 270

Marco. We appreciate a good backlip!

Same here. James' Polejam to Backlip

New Wallpaper, Flo?


More homies

Game of Snow lineup!

James. Polejam to fs lip. BALLS!

Atagge. OUT!