Benny has a shot in here...

Highest Ollie!

Forest won America's Next Toppromodel Highest Ollie Contest in Hood today. Congrats homie!


Okay, we've been in Hood for a week now. It's awesome as soon as the sun is out. The parks are probably the best you can find in summertime and skateparks are also there. But if it rains, it can get really boring up here. Luckily, Portland is just 45 minutes away and you can get lost in one of the many stripclubs...
 Alex' classic touristpicture

 Atagge made it on Dani's board...

Dani taking care of his reputation

hitchhiking up to the lot


hiking up the hill. every morning 45 minutes. Unless your name is James. Than, you might make it in 25. If you look closely, you can see the parking lot in the back. That's halfway right here...

Crapshow slams

Swiss homies taking a few beatings...

The Crap Show #Outtakes LAAX from blume pictures on Vimeo.

Felix in New York

Livin' large

COC edits

Transworld just posted the first two COC-clips from session A and B. Benny, Alex and our broskis Dani and Lutzi got a few shots in it. Just click the pics...
Session B:

Session A:

Bear Mtn?

That just happened.

Revenge of the douchebags

had to be quick!!

crazy professor!

Look at this weirdo! Hilarious!

Sun is out!

pic by fischi


This happens, when Dani 'Cobrats' Rayjscani comes home drunk, finds some markers and sees Alex's lonely computer! 

Rainy Whistler

Update from Whistler: Rain, Beerpong, late nights out, chilling in the bed!


...found another really detailed report about the Jibfactory-Thing on TransworldSnow.