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Hate or love it! They probably don't give a fuck! Loving here to watch the full movie.

Merry X-MAS Mega Post

Mega posts are super trendy. So here we come with our first: 58-X-MAS Skate Contest, Oberaudorf and Kühtai. Cause there´s some time in between, it´s not really a mega post, but please don´t hate, it is Christmas time.

Who could this speaker be?

True speaker love: Butsh and Jagge

DJ Alkapulco Roy and wannabe speaker Jagge at work.

58 X-Mas Contest from Michael Karg on Vimeo.

don´t take it too serious, clip by Michi Karg

Oberaudorf: Hanne and me went late, so we decided to drive up the hill, it was already pretty dark. Bad idea...

next day: We found this nice tree. Check these superhuman strength.

Hanne, JZA and Johannes Münsch around and on that tree.

We got bored of doing some stuff at the tree and decided to go ski jumping. More adrenalin!
Perhaps you recognize the spot in our latest release: Atagge 2-Revenge of the Douchebags
Go find it out here.

JZA´s a rapacious beast. Knotless Roast Beef all the way down.

My humble self with an indy.

a Skibrille (left) and a goggle (right)

Some weeks ago at Kühtai: Lenny with a...kind of a fsBoard. Hannepic.

JZA took that picture of that ghost switching front to back.

Me again and a bs banana slide??

And last but not least, Toni´s wardrobe in Innsbruck at Ingi´s flat.
He pretends to be Ingi´s boyfriend. WTF!? So best wishes with such a wardrobe.
I don´t believe that by the way.


Steffen and me have been up at Fellhorn today. Santa was shredding, as well as Butsch, Felix and all the boys. It's Christmas...everybody is home. hella fun. spring conditions by the way! Only Jagge is being missed. Turd!
Steffen and his lame iphone apps. This bores me...
That's the best snowboardpic we had. post- or pre-grab-shit

swiss piss

The manager of the atagge swiss connection is getting some coverage. Check Andy in the new whiteout issue...


Look at them, seems like Alex and Jagge leaving the real world. Breakaway!

Carmen´s Birthday

Carmen celebrated her birthday last saturday. We wish you luck, a good future and tons of good days on the mountain (,and of course off the mountain, too).

This is how she rolls. She only needs some bags when she travels to Hüttenberg.

holy shit... Sexton and Bradshaw with 32 tricks!

Joe Sexton aka Sexyton is killing it, damn... this small rail looks like great fun!

Art On Snow

The Art On Snow exhibition is about to start this weekend. Our marketing director Steffen Kornfeld will have some artsy snowboard shots hung up there, as well as our homeboy Max Lanzl who is showing his painting skills. You better don't miss this. Grab a beer and come over.

still fucking preseason, kind of

It snowed up in the mountains, so Flo and me went up to ride some pow and jib another boring tube. like we did the past 4 weeks. Still fun, though!

jibpart of the year

Let the internet hate begin. vote the jibber of the year!

The public project

Fuck, how could this happen? We thought this project is top secret and we made sure that there is no camera around, but we were wrong. It seems like somebody filmed us. The Movie is the proof, the spot is apparent and the the machine too. Good job Fool.

58 Tow-In Testsession from Michael Karg on Vimeo.

The Movie, filmed by a lot of people, edited by Michi Karg.
dramatis personae: Michi Karg, Flo Löw, Sepp Löw, Anton Siegordner, JzA, Jagge and Manu Strobel and the engineers