ATAGGE 2 Premiere Munich

Puhh, Post number 97. It´s a good post. Just watched the news reporting of another Atagge 2 Prem in Munich. What?? I straight called up the management who forgot to inform us. Whatever, they organized a premiere (the movie is already online, so it´s kinda public screening) in Munich, presented by Munich´s Girls Snowboardshop CHICAS.
Doesn't that sound good? Premiering at a Party of a Girls Shop.
Come on Boys, is there any reason not to show up??

1. Premiering ATAGGE 2-REVENGE OF THE DOUCHEBAGS, final version
2. Alex couldn´t take part in Ulm, now he can and a lot of other people riding in the movie hopefully too
3. CHICAS winter welcome party
4. at Ampere Munich, Muffatwerk Zellstr. 4 with DJ Dragstar
5. November 13th at 9:00 pm (free Gl├╝hwein)

Douchebags on

buttery ass atagge is now on the videograss blog. what an honor...
check it out right here!


After 2 weeks of searching in the harddrive hallways, we finally found the movie again! No more words needed. Fuck Yeah.
Here is a photo of a photocamera showing Alex and Jagge pressing the uploadbutton! Don't know who the weird guy in the background is...
Okay. Upload is finished now and the movie is ready to go!


Where is Atagge 2? Press conference

The Atagge group just organised a press conference to explain why the publication of Atagge 2-Revenge of the Douchebags is delayed over and over again! Simple answer: the movie got lost! Reporters of all media asked inconvenient questions and Alex and Jagge were in trouble to find answers. Where is Atagge 2 and how could something horrible like this happened? No Atagge 2 this year? Will there be any hope that it will show up? The two men behind Atagge said, that they need the help of professionals to find the movie. They assured that they'll be able to publish Atagge 2 during next week. Let's hope the best!

Spitzing pre season

After a long summer, a lot of work, editing hell and some months off the hill, we had a pre season day at Spitzingsee with that gun barrel of a tank. It was a pretty good feeling to have snow under my feet again and in my face after taking some bad slams. Son of a gun!

Me popping out a stalefish of that swelling at the end of the gun barrel.

Sliding tailblunt and popping off. That swelling rocks!

Even Chris Kuhn made it to the secret spot. His house is about a 10 minutes drive away.

Black and White Photos by Al Keil.

Thanks for that interest but, of course, ATAGGE 2 is not for sale.
Patience, last adjustments, will be online soooooon.
Enjoy that thrill of anticipation!

In Stores Now

Atagge 2, 11 minutes full length Snowboard Movie for sale now for only 24.95 Euro at your local Snowboardshop.

Make sure that you get your own copy. Enjoy it!

pre season day 2

2nd day of winter. Sweet. We came up and there was our rail with a freaking big kicker in front. Probably some lame skiers...Whatever we finally got some pics. Just for proof that we are snowboarding and not only messing around!
Janosz with a legit frontboard

Alex getting noseblunted

Even Hanne the weirdo was there!

first snow!

First storm that rolled in this season and already 50 cm of fresh snow!
Here's the only stupid picture we made while setting up our highrail we found. You can see that shaping that shit for 2 hours wasn't fun at all. But later on, snowboarding definately was!


Atagge 2 for you. Show up at the premiere in Ulm. You won't be sorry!!

Click on Flo´s sunglasses for more Info.

Editing Atagge 2

Some impressions of the last days editing that Atagge 2 thing.
We´re pretty glad it´s over, but also had a good time.
First preview with some office visitors and happy editors after the raw cut.

Felix explaining while eating his favorite food. His comment after watching our raw cut:
"I like that movie. I would have edited Jagge´s part the same way."

Flo and me posing while Alex is making fun about us.

Don´t miss that premiere on Saturday at Roxy!


Jagge and Alex are just about finishing Atagge 2 (revenge of the douchebags). With the premiere in sight for next weekend it shouldn't be a problem! After the show, DJ Sepalot will be spinning the you better don't miss that thing. Except you're going to Stockholm for frontline railjam or living overseas, those might be the only excuses we accept!

Everyone who finds himself on the riderslist above, has to show up! (except you have one of the excuses mentioned above)

for more infos click here!!!


Atagge 2 or "the revenge of the douchebags" (as some people call it) is progressing...while the Isenseven guys weren't in office we broke in and are now using their facility to get our movie done. Seems like we have an Atagge Office now...

That's what's up!

Jagge editing Alex' part

Alex writing down some names

wanna watch some funny shit?

1. kid is totaly drugged to the eyeballs after visiting a dentist.... haha... IS THIS REAL LIFE?

2. check out this kid, he´s epic...hahaha. and people say he is allready 33 years old, for sure!