ATAGGE 2 Premiere Munich

Puhh, Post number 97. It´s a good post. Just watched the news reporting of another Atagge 2 Prem in Munich. What?? I straight called up the management who forgot to inform us. Whatever, they organized a premiere (the movie is already online, so it´s kinda public screening) in Munich, presented by Munich´s Girls Snowboardshop CHICAS.
Doesn't that sound good? Premiering at a Party of a Girls Shop.
Come on Boys, is there any reason not to show up??

1. Premiering ATAGGE 2-REVENGE OF THE DOUCHEBAGS, final version
2. Alex couldn´t take part in Ulm, now he can and a lot of other people riding in the movie hopefully too
3. CHICAS winter welcome party
4. at Ampere Munich, Muffatwerk Zellstr. 4 with DJ Dragstar
5. November 13th at 9:00 pm (free Glühwein)