Stoffel and Gido at work.
Kai free-living.
Sneak peek, BigB and injured Marco. Get well soon!

The obligatory GG pre-season photo.

Pre-season hike into the light.
Benny joins service full time.
Robert B.
Them boys went to the District I Premiere in Augsburg.
A beauty with golden hair! Actually, it´s James Niederberger enjoying some midnight sun in Norway.
Jagge just found a camera tape from Spring 2013 and put some shots in a row, even though you probably won´t find any landed trick in there...whatever.
If you find some of these caps in any store, please contact us or the local police station.
Either you are at Mt. Hood right now or you aren´t. | Kai and Hansi are.
Pleasure Spring Session Laax 2014 late post | Stoffel flying
A motor, Ralphe, Hanne and a van without motor.
Jagge scored the Snowboarder MBM Cover last December | Congrats Homie! | Covershot by Steffen Kornfeld

Atagge x Foreal Demo 2014 Gallery

METHOD MAG nailed it down once again with their recap and gallery of the annual Demo!
CLICK HERE to eyeball Steffen Kornfeld´s photos.

Alex and Stoffel for the new Crap Show


Alex and Stoffel filmed a couple of tricks for Laax's new Crap Show. 

Quality Time!

One trip, two resorts, three days, tons of homies - a little recap:

Jagge hiding Butsh´s Snowboard at GG...

... so he took his one. Not a bad choice.

TravelToni - grumpy old man

Flo G. - keeping Crystal Ground Snowpark G

Ralphe - seductive look

Stoffel - focused

Even Alex' doppelganger showed up straight after his trip to Russia: Alex Tank, TravelToni and Jagge.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in the evening.

This is what happens if you enter the snowpark after they closed it.

Jagge - happy

Crystal Ground

Clemens filmed a couple of tricks at Crystal Ground Snowpark with Stoffel and Flo (Butsh and TravelToni cameos).

Revelstoke, BC

Kai is spending some time in British Columbia. Living the dream bla bla bla ...
Here are some pictures:
Man in black.

Sledding area.

Ollie over or on a huge pillow. The picture doesn´t tell.
For more pics click here.

Atagge/ Fifty-Eight T-Shirts

Jagge took his brush and created some T-Shirt prints last summer. They are available at Fifty-Eight Ulm for 25,00 Euro each.

Atagge Tees:

Print Details:

Atagge X Fifty-Eight Tees:

Fifty-Eight Tees:

Gear Sneek Peek

Atagge has partnered with Head for the second year on...

...the Evil i. Flocka snowboard.

Atagge X Head Evil i. Flocka 14/15 base preview.

Ispo 2014 nights

The annual Ispo in Munich brings everybody together.

Never choose your women or your linen by candlelight. Butch and Gido.

Smiling Butch and Gido, laughing Alex and a middle finger.

 Nesselwang homies represent.

 Alex taking care about his guests.
It´s not what it looks like.

Bea...äh Laax

Alex and Gido spent a few days in Laax and filmed a few runs with the homies from Oilers and Friends. There's no more need for Bear. Laax has it all.

Alex in "A WAY WE GO"

Alex' conceptual feature in Isenseven's new film "A WAY WE GO"