Alex, it´s summertime, please stop posting snow clips! Haha.

Juls, Agent Olek, Lindi and me visited a lake last week and met a nice tree at the waterside.
Clic the clip to find out what happended.

Agent Olek flipping back after swinging.

The clip again, espacially for Alex and Steffen.
Short movie, lame stunts, except agent Olek, he was killing the tree.

Let's go get lost!

Isenseven just finished their 2nd teaser for this years "Let's go get lost"!

Isenseven Let's Go Get Lost Teaser from ISENSEVEN on Vimeo.


I wanna snowboard so bad right now after watching that little flick...something a snowboardvideo should always motivate to. I'm kinda missing it in germany right now. Thanks boys. Such a fun vid. Atagge love!

Kickerblockerbande (Max Lanzl and P├Ąddy Hiob) from Sebastian Fromm on Vimeo.

Spring Session Edit

I just checked the Goodquestion site and found this little edit including Alex and a few cameleon shots of Jagge in between. It's a hightech-HD-dolly and perfect angle video...not. More like the first bad weather video ever made. Thanks drops-on-the-lens-eric.

Pleasure Spring Session 2009 from GoodQuestionSupplies on Vimeo.

Videographer Felix Urbauer Interview

Atagge´s one and only and good friend Felix Urbauer, Producer, Filmer and Editer of Simple, Oklahoma and Welcome Back(, owner of 2ndunit Productions) and important head of Isenseven got an interview on Click on his nose to find out how Felix´carreer started, why he became part of Isenseven and a lot more.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for our Atagge pro edit and wish you a good time out there.
We´ve never stopped believing in you and I think I don´t have to mention that we love you.

Pic: Steffen Kornfeld

Spaceship broken

Today, I found this pic on the Ashbury Blog. I was kind of fascinated of it. And I also hope he found the parts he needed.


This pic arrived today at the office. You can see a fan while learning for the "Abi". Hold on man, look closer, it´s not just a fan, it´s lovely Ina.

Atagge wishes you and all the other pupils all the best for the exams.
Abi lookin´for freedom..., gell Mitch.

new drunken masters mixtape out now!

our friends and your heros the epic drunken masters aka big joe and slim-c have finaly finished their new mixtape! and what do you expect... exactly.... it´s fucking awesome!
so you better get it right now for just 10 bucks!
order here:

summer shred oberjoch

bs lipslide (sorry for the bad quality)

gaia and me fooling around

while alex is stucked at the airport in reno we had two funny days at oberjoch. it was so damn hot and the snow was melting away, but felix, his girl anika, gaia and me had a fucking great time! even steffen joined us at the second day... his pics will be around soon (hopefully, hehe).
slush days are the best days, for sure!

Art of the day

Some kind of art I had to do for the university. They even call me Bob Ross there. Haha.
Happy painting and a lovely week. -Jagge


I just found this on the snowforce website...hahaha

fuck. this funny sequence doesn't work and I dont know how to make it work. just click here