Andy in Laax again...

Andy killing it as usual. Bangers all day, every day!

The Crap Show #9 LAAX from blume pictures on Vimeo.


Just found this on the Bear Website. Benny backlippin' and who's filming?


Alex in Isenseven's new trailer for the upcoming movie...

Living like Kings

The Swiss homies headed up to Vegas to celebrate Joos 25th birthday. Happy belated mofucking Birthday JOOS!!! That's how their crib looked like...livin' large

THE BLACKHOUSE // LAS VEGAS from the blackhouse on Vimeo.

Bear Superduperpost

Long time no update, but here we go with a few pictures from BiggieBear.
Carmen doing a bs shifty on one of the many sidehits. Pic: Maurin Bisig


Midday Beer Brake at the swiss homies house, right next to the chair...

Marco had to fly back home from LAX, so another day of cycling the golden coast right before hopping on that plane back to the old world.

seems like they're having a good time over there...

even more good times, c'mon...we already jealous enough. Alex injured and Jagge at university as usual...

Benny noseslappy on the donkey

Alain curving...

Why does she need to carry that heavy bagpack? gentlemen?


It snowed a bit. Actually a lot. Bozung-Tribute.

Benny is stoked, too.

Butsch isn't. He misses the 17 year olds from San Diego

Frankenschwein rollin' high! Probably much better than having 2 feet of fresh...

Want to join?

Get your cam out!

Ludde's B5

Since Alex can't ride right now, he decided to film Ludde in Sweden for Isenseven. Here's some B-footage...

Ludde's B5 from Alex Tank on Vimeo.

California Dreamin' on such a winter's day

stole this one from theforealproject. Basti and Butshi are riding a tandem bicycle. Lifestyle!

Helsinki part 1345

Two weeks ago, Flo and James went to Helsinki. So here we go with another post from snowboading's Barcelona
Wu-tang! Flo and James. pic: Philipp Ruggli

Too bad you don't get any TTR5star hotels on streettrips. whatever... pic:Philipp Ruggli

Airport livin'. pic: Philipp Ruggli

probably more snow than in the High Alps right now.

Flo at his favorite part of the store. "hm, what candy is next?"

One part of Atagge coming home, the other leaving for Cali. Rumor is, there's going to be a Star Alliance Atagge Status Lounge at Zurich airport...

Calitime again

March, time to go to the states again. Bear, oh you beloved hill, here we go again.
After a 25 hours travel it's nice to get out of the plane and have that view. 

Schnidel-Busch and Schnidel-Wutz, two famous performers trying to make a buck on the walk of fame.

welcome to the hills

Butsch likes to skate Venice's park

Gido, Alain, Carmen, Boozy, Waule, Butsch. Only Marco is missing, he came a day later

That's also the reason why there was enough time to spend a few bucks in LA
Next stop: BEAR. more to come, hopefully. It's kinda hard to get your elph out there. Just too much fun.

Grasgehren springtime

Maike, Toni and a bottle of beer in the pocket

we started making bindings. first sketches of double-winged-highback prototypes.
alley ooooop thing, Jagge

Swiss Commander Andy

Andy spents his days in Laax killing the park right now. BANGERS for days...fuck me sidewards!

keep your eyes open!

good things in the making!