The AtaggeXForealXDemo is coming up this saturday. Just in case you don't know what to do this weekend except getting drunk at Ispo.

Urban Tank Diarrhea: Helsinki

 There was not much snow around two weeks ago, so Benny, Alex and Gido flew up to Helsinki in hopes of more snow and better weather.
Helsinki Airport. This picture describes our trip pretty well. The start of a rather not so productive trip, snowboarding wise. Our boardbags didn't show up.

Gido making the best out of it in that massage chair.

This was one of the best spots we could find, that had at least a little bit of snow. Rest of the city was either pure ice or no snow at all. Guess what: Got kicked out 5 minutes later. 

Gido. Hotelroom.

We went further up north. We found spots and snow. Flo had his titanic moment.

Ludde has an alter ego in Finland.

The classic hang out place in Helsinki. Bar Nr.9. Beers, good food and probably every crew who's in town.

Trees/Helsinki downtown

Alex and Flo. 



Down with Alex

The good folks at Snowstoked just had an interview with Alex about snowboarding, music and energy drinks.

The Demo

In 2,5 weeks from now, our second annual demo will take place at Crystal Ground. The Heat is on. You can find the Facebookthing here.

TravelToni 2013

TravelToni is on the road for over 10 months now. We at Atagge are really concerned about his mental and physical condition.

Toni at the start of his trip in Calgary back in February 2012 (left). The right pic shows him and friends somewhere in Australia (January 2013).

Grasgehren Update

GG district with Raffi, Gido, Soulshaper Kai and more.

Happy New Year!

2013. It´s going to be a good one. Save your money fellas, exciting things are on the way.