Panda Bar

Good to hear Alex and Benny having a good time up in the north. There are also some news down in the south of Germany:
Timo aka Big T aka DJ T-Moe or Azzeasy is kicking up a fuss in Ulm.
He opens his own bar with a couple of friends.

So make sure to stop by when you´re in town. The bar is right next to the main station.
I know him well, he don´t do things by half-measures, so you can expect nice drinks and lots of good music inside.

auf'm Kiez

Alex spent 1 day more than planned in Hamburg with Benny. Better don't mix up depature and arrivaltime...

Benny fake at all. nono. all real

Alex cruising

Benny looking quite funny

trying to be artsy

another funny picture of Benny

Luckily there weren't too many people having the same idea to go skate indoor on a rainy saturday afternoon.

Green Hell

A weekend at the legendary course of the Nürburgring...


Atagge Collabo

Atagge got his own shoes! Hammers! Thanks Norbert! Ask your local shop for some before they're gone! Superlimitedbonus edition!

B at B

Here's another edit of Benny at the way? Whose footage is this?

Atagge Summer Collection

...Shirts and Trisors.

Amazing Sadeja wears the women AtGe Trisor Cap. Cut the Trucker Cap at the line and wear the visor.

And Butsh prepares for the upcoming speaker tour in the AtGe Trisor Cap for Men sample.

g'd up!

Our friends over at 21inch just released their trailer for their upcoming movie. Atagge's Butsch is in there as well as some friends. Just in case you're reading this, Dani. I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!

Furka Pass-Session

Alain Italo-Boardslide


Beautiful Switzerland







Here's the teaser for the upcoming Isenseven-movie. Alex has some shots in it!

it´s your day, fool!

Happy Birtday Alex!

trying to keep the blog alive

Since we don't really have to post too much about us doing nothing i need to find other topics to blog on! I just found a very short but interesting article about the BP-drama, on blisssmag

"-A 18 year old kid in Corpus Christi texas was sentenced to 10 years in prison for 7,500$ worth of graffiti “vandalism”… What punishment is appropriate for BP for VANDALISING an entire ocean, killing millions of sea life, and permanently scarring the ocean and its life for 100’s, possibly 1000’s of years to come…? -Oh, yeah, and costing billions of $$$ worth of damage too???" - REVOK

yeah. just saying...