spinning reels

Felix's latest showreel. you should watch it! he pretty much knows how to fucking use a camera!

Reel 2010 Felix Urbauer from Felix Urbauer on Vimeo.

a quote!

listen to this guy! i don't know how to make it smaller, sorry!

it's a celebration!

If you're in Munich next week, you should hit up this place called "Elli". Isenseven is going to show the trailer for their new flick called "Don't Panic" with Alex in it. Rumor is, Jagge will show up. After months outside of Ataggeland, he'll be back, desperately anticipated.So, there are two reasons to grab a beer and listen to Lexi Schill spinning some tunes (ok, that makes three!)...be there or be somewhere else!

Pleasure at Bear

The guys over at Pleasure Mag made this rough little trailer for their Bear-story in one of the fall issues...There's gonna be more to see in october. I think Lexi Schill is making a real edit about this trip.

Emporium visitors

He-Man showed up at the office and asked for some stickers. He still hasn´t left the couch.

Agent Olek. That's him all over!

blood, sweat and tears!

I just read a sweet little text written by Steve Berra about the discussion of paying the price of a cheap beer to watch a banger videopart. You should read this text and make up your mind. Pretty much the same situation in snowboarding... And after that, invest 2 cheesburgers to watch Shane O'neill nailing Hammers. It's worth it, easily!


Maxi, Ninnsch and me went to Kaunertal for some spring snowboarding. We ran into Julle, Waule, Flo G. and all the boys. Unfortunately, Butsh was there too.
It´s a pity, that Alex couldn´t make it to the glacier, seems like he quitted snowboarding.

Maxi is taking a pull on that bottle. Check out this board, it includes his paintings on the top sheet.

Butsh did a rock to fakie on my shinbone. Beware of that guy, he´s dangerous!

The weather turned bad on the 2nd day, so we went to the theatre in Innsbruck:
Bunbury-The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscal Wilde.
Me, Maxi, and Ninnsch. Laughs for days.

Maxi confused after the show.

Sally joined us watching the play. That guy is JZA, he is definitely killing it!


Atagge bro Basti just got covered! This guy is awesome, by the way!


Benny and Alex in COC.

just a shout-out!

Felix, congrats on the TW-Hype! If you didn't get it already,Felix's killing it right now! One banger edit after another! Check his vimeo! Atagge loves you, homie!

wish a park!

What do you want for Christmas, sorry next season? Get on facebook and tell Andres and the rest of the Honeyhills crew what you like to see in their park for next season. Be sure to ask for a Rainbow-doublekinked-wave-kick-out-box and a big castle. That shit is awesome!

Rainy Sunday

Point and shoot!

Pleasure Spring Session Addict!

Eric made this pure internetgold! Carmen, Benny and Alex have a few shotties in there and you can see Butsch going too fast, what actually never happens!