Jib Factory Video

Here's the video...

Head Jib Factory 2011 by Alex Tank from HEAD Snowboards on Vimeo.

Head Jibfactory Megapost Vol.1

Here we go. Megapost number 1 from the Atagge Demo, aka Head Jib Factory.
Carmen on the beach

Benni and Alex

the intern

the lonely island

DJ Smart spinning the tunes

Felix. Not so cheeseburger anymore!

Gido and the truckerboy

thanks Bernd for that sweet weekend

yeah James, i know, it's not a Spitzburger

Love is in the air. Swöbi and Seppi

Swiss Connection. Julien and Elmi

Rittig and the rookies: Marco and Boozy

Fuck You, I'm Cobrats

A big beer!

That's Butsch's business as usual...


tired Carmen

no comment

2nd day got cancelled due to bad weather. We went up there anyway...

second day crew and a few white legs.

Alex aka. "i wanna be on every photo"

a new tatoo?

good influence

Just found that interview of Danny Larsen. Read it, please!


Basti Kuhns edit from his trip to Bear including Carmen, Butsch, Benny,...

Foreal in the Park from theforealproject on Vimeo.



yeah, those broski are here too...


Canadian broski Stathis in here...probably one of the best park edits we've seen in a long while.

Feeding the beast!

 Steffen Kornfeld just sent that pic over to the office.

Last days in Laax

Even though there's no Pleasure Spring Session in Laax next week, they still have a pretty banging park up at the glacier. Get your ass up there! Blume filmed some chilled runs with Alex and James...

Benny is teasin' you

Here the trailer for the upcoming Nitro Roadwarriors movie with Benny in it. BumBumBenny!


Jagge went on a schooltrip to Milano...Abibelebabelebube!
A form of marketing...

building houses


Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milano

taking care of business

another form of marketing yourself!

Goodbye GG!

After two weeks of sunshine and temperatures of 25 degrees celsius, the resorts were running low on snow. Here we go with a few pictures from the last few days up at GG, before they closed for the season. And HELL NO, Jagge hasn't been to America for just 2 days. It was all fake! Kinda late April fools'!

Flo and a tired smile after a whole day in the wet slush

Well, not that much snow left to play with...

High Life Boozy and Flo

Butsch and a few hours before he went on tour with the polish Stench guys

Lachris, local!

THANKS for that awesome Park, Berni!

Fireworks in April?

Gido and Alex. It was Alex's first day back on snow after his injury...

Toni, who also thought Jagge was in the states.


more friends. Everybody came out for the last days!

Jakob Preischl, not filming.

Dani Rajcsanyi also showed up, right after his first day in school.

Twins? Homies? Atagge? Alex and Jagge!
Jens is pretty tall

Summertime in the parkinglot! You just gotta love that time of the year!