Head Jibfactory Megapost Vol.1

Here we go. Megapost number 1 from the Atagge Demo, aka Head Jib Factory.
Carmen on the beach

Benni and Alex

the intern

the lonely island

DJ Smart spinning the tunes

Felix. Not so cheeseburger anymore!

Gido and the truckerboy

thanks Bernd for that sweet weekend

yeah James, i know, it's not a Spitzburger

Love is in the air. Swöbi and Seppi

Swiss Connection. Julien and Elmi

Rittig and the rookies: Marco and Boozy

Fuck You, I'm Cobrats

A big beer!

That's Butsch's business as usual...


tired Carmen

no comment

2nd day got cancelled due to bad weather. We went up there anyway...

second day crew and a few white legs.

Alex aka. "i wanna be on every photo"

a new tatoo?