Swiss edit!

Here's a edit from our friends in Switzerland including our CEO of the Atagge Swiss Connection Andy Walker.

One Day with Andy Walker & Phil de Vries from blume pictures on Vimeo.

Head jib things edit!

Last saturday this Head jib thing took place, wasnt really an invitational but a fine session with some friends. Felix made a video. here it is:

HEAD Jib Factory by Alex Tank from HEAD Snowboards on Vimeo.

cheap advertising!

Naziandres just asked me to upload the flyer for their upcoming girliecamp at the Honeyhills park. So all you girls better sign up at

Moni Parabohny Railjam 2010

first and last pics of moni parabohny made with the i-phone..
..before it just stopped working Stairs Setup
the other side...

Julien Emch and Alain Stampfli

Flo Geiger

Alex Tank

9 cheesburgers please!

Playboard Magazin had a little interview with our boy Felix. Peep it here. It's pretty much all about cheesburgers and Döner. Unfortunately it's only german.

parabohny edit

Dani just sended me this video. And I still haven't managed to get some pics yet. Nevertheless, here is the edit with cameos from Flo and Alex...weird stuff!

BEHIND THE SCENES from daniel rajcsanyi on Vimeo.


check out the new drunken masters video... good shit boys! by the way it´s directed by our favorite videographer felix urbauer!

Moni Parabohny

The Atagge Swiss Connection just informed us about a sweet Railjam taking place on January 16th in Sörenberg/Switzerland (heard it's somewhere close to Lucerne, just check that google map thing). Be sure to check out the setup. Looks insanely good. Probably lots of fun, friends and hammers. There are only 60 spots, so you better hurry up to get one. To see the sick setup and inscribe go check out their site...

true words

listen to Keegan. That's what's up!