The Swiss homies are on fire, releasing one edit after the other. This time G-boy Elmi.

Crapshow 4

Fuck! I wanna go to Laax! Atagge homies in here. James, need a burger!

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Crystal Ground chooses one crew to design their park every month. Benny and Flo were the lucky ones. So if you wanna ride a pretty awesome park, not shaped by some random skiing fools , you should make your way up this valley in february. It all starts with a nightjam on the 4th of february.


Benny is on a Nitroshoot in Helsinki bodyheating the shit out if those kickers!


Slush in January? Whatup? Butschi and the homies at Fellhorn.

Andy Walker

Our Atagge Swiss commander in this years Shabamovie!

Out Of Focus

slush fun at Honeyhills.

the three amigos are in town

feels like ages ago since we three hit a spot together. alex is back home for a few days while benny is still hangin at my place. good times.

shitty snow conditions = lots of water and a lot of work

building the drop in ramp. alex and "the vest" aka benny

Guess who´s the next getting some water out of the river

myself trying to look like the grumpy old shovel killer from home alone


alex showing some swagg

the ugliest dicks around

there is some snow down here...

mr benny urban arrived in the dirty south and he also brougt his filmerbuddy karsten. so we went out for some snowboarding... first we did some laps at fellhorn and then we tried some other stuff out there...

two hamburgers and myself

some shoveling...

looks like it was worth it!

Appreciate That!

the swiss homies and alex crashing...too many skiers though.


Laax seems like going into the right direction...take note, shapers! All the swiss homies in here!

Playboard Magazin

voted some Best Movies of the Year. Ataggettogether made it among them.
You can't be serious.