Just a compilation of shots Jagge filmed over a few weekends last season, where we weren't too lazy to bring the camera with us!
Take it seriously, keep hating!

The movie after the first Atagge movie: still filmed when we wanted to, still nothing special, still just a bag full of tricks of random douches,
still no airport and faked lifestyle shots, still a lot of good old fisheye shots…just raw snowboarding.

Just a bunch of tricks from the 08 season, filmed when we wanted to. No hiking, working, lifestyle or airport shots, just snowboarding.
We atagged Northstar, Kingvale, Fellhorn, Kaunertal, Zermatt, Dachstein. Hope you like it!

Riders: Jagge, Flo Geiger, Benny Urban, Carmen Beccaro, Alex Tank, Andy Walker, Kubi