Jagge started to build this IN-RUN some years ago. Finally, he provided Alex with this guy.

Need for speed? Here it is.


I just wanted to make sure that there is no snow yet.

Rainy day in the mountains.

Benny has a Hump Day

Yobeat, your favorite Website for hating on Snowboarding was doing a little Hump Day with Benny. ClickClick!


Manuel Strobel and his friends worked hard this summer setting up a new AMTI WEAR homepage. They are also introducing some new prints and stuff.

The new homepage including an image-clip, some background information and the online shop.

Lately, the guys showed up at "Kulturfahrschule" Ulm with their own exhibition. Follow the linkt to find out everything about that cultural area and stop by soon.

Method Ketchup

After France, Alex went to Barcelona to see the homies at the Method office. They took the chance and tried to film a little Ketchup with him. Damn, Alex sucks at skateboarding.

Atagge Ketch up with Ralphe the intern

With Atagge having an intern now, we thought it might be a good idea to do a Ketch Up with him. And as we all went to Spain to drown in those surfy waves, we took the chance and asked our boy some questions.

Beach Volleyball vs. Soccer: Beach Volleyball. What's Soccer?
Living the dream: on every Atagge trip
Mt Baker vs Revelstoke: they are both fucking your life

As an intern at Atagge you have a lot of responsibility. What would the driver do if Ralphe didn't clean the windows at every stop?

Internship vs studying: This is obvious. I already quit this study-thing for the internship.
Ollie vs Kickflip: I can't skate, but i'm trying to improve my skills
Spain vs France: I was never in Spain. Just Basque-Country.
BC vs Alberta: Impossible to decide

Always that smile on his face when he's at work.

Où est-ce qu'il y a la Dune de Pilates? Pilates? Never tried it. Heard it's good for your bones.
Talking to girls in french bars: Big thanks to Tank Moody for the help.
Die-cut-stickers: the first ones are out. Finally.
Future: Getting paid, going to Canada again, improving my skate and surf skills. Atagge for Life!

Atagge Ketch up!

Check out the other ones in the meantime.

From Tokyo with Love

Somehow, this bag made it to Japan.

Best Bail 2012

Whiteout Magazin just started with their reader's choice for Best Bail and Elmi is in this round against Nicolas Müller. Go Vote!

That time of the year again

The fifth season just started. It's premier-tour time again. It all starts with the world premier in Munich on september 21st. Barcelona's finest, Nasty Mondays, will be spinning the tunes which should guarantee for some mayhem to go down. Make sure to stop by...plenty of beers will be chucked.

If you'll be stubenhocker that night, there are a couple of more stops on the tour.

Givin's too

Here's another trailer for the new Givin movie with Alex in it.

The movie already premiered last week in Laguna Beach. Snowboardermag summed up the movie a littlebit. There will be a couple of premiers in Europe, too. Make sure you'll be there.


Well, with summer being kinda over now and the boys being back from their 3 week trip to the coasts of France, we try to get some life back into this beloved blog.
To start things off: Alex is on the new cover for Isenseven's new release: Fool's Gold. You go pre-order, now! Here!