helsinki medium post

The Swiss connection made a trip up to the cold lands of finland. Helsinki to be exact. And they were nice enough to take Alex with them. It was a hell of a trip. So here are some pics...

Donut real big
Helsinki real big. And nice

Everything real big.

Mäcci and his cute passport

What the fuck just happened?

Flo getting a little taco on rollerblades

Phil the filmer and Mr. Whitetrash...

Alex filming a ghost. Jagge to be exact...

Elmi's warmup spot

Elmi handling the cam

A flat on the very last day of the trip. The trip ended in a shithole to be exact.

fixing the shitty rental

Alex had the earliest flight and was the only one who DIDN'T miss his flight. But internet at least
I don't really get why it's all underlined. Whatever...That's it for now. Thanks for the trip boys!