LAAX Superpost

Benny and Flo visited the one and only swiss homie James in Laax for the weekend...
good times went down!

                                                            James and Flo... brohug!

                                                     Benny and Flo - Wu-Tang for life

                                                    James and Flo Böckfuck liftride

                                            The Shaperboys did a great job... thanx for that!

                                          James´ Handplant, Benny´s Handplant, Flo´s big fail

                                                                    fs 5-0 by Flo

                                         Benny has a real nice switch back nosepress on lock

                              This guy was up there too. Böris shows you how to do a tailgrap!

                                                       Flo and a frontside noseblunt

                                Don´t know how to call that trick... one-foot something by Benny

                                                                    Benny again...

                         James and a his one footed air maneuver aka Scott Stevens - holla-at-yah-boy!

                                there is an epic fail in this pic... can you find it? He did it all by his own...