random Pics of the last days

Back in Ulm after a long time. The tower in the back is Ulm´s so called "Metztgerturm". Ina, Toni and Flo are laughing at or with me...don´t know.

The morning after the party. Somebody´s shooting at sleeping Ina.

Even the cat "Weenie" was bored playing with that string and started some skating.

Chris tried to ride his bike. This is no fake. Word.

It finally worked out. Riding through lovely Bavaria.

That cow looks pretty confused and bored.

Back in Munich. The Boys tried to get the hair done and getting ready for party.

After the Party, Alex and Alex sleeping, well, Alex not really.

Alex´s still sleeping on Lolli´s couch while Felix did some biz.

Back home he is sleeping again. Did you do something else in Munich that weekend?

Superman´s flying on somebody´s neck.