Atagge Ketch up with Felix Urbauer

Last weekend, Alex and me ran into Felix in Munich that morning. He was leaving the Night Club and on his way home, so we took our chance and ketched him up in the metro to ask him some very important questions, everybody wants to know. I´m sure!
The result is the following wordfire! Enjoy!

Bereit? -Immer
2ndunit? -good times
Tittchen? -toll
Voyeur? -Klausi
Schuhe? -wichtig
schwimmen? -überbewertet
Auto fahren? -käme gut
Pumuckl? -Klassiker, geil
Transformers? -
Jacko? -the man
Munich vs. Oberstdorf? -Aids vs. Ebola
front Board or fs 9? -fs bs 1440 triple cork quad grab double tweak
Videograss? -overkill
Justin Meyer? -who?
Bozwreck? -fan
a season with Klausi? -ist mehr als genug
Love? -passiert
JP Walker? -er war der wichtigste am Anfang
Jed Anderson vs. Travis Rice? -Travis who?
Atagge? -liegt grad bei mir im Bett
chilliger Hund? -eigentlich der Jagge
true word about Munich girls? -äh, wieso?
Klausi´s Lehrer? -tough job, but someone got to ruin him
favorite Movie? -Shawshank Redemption
favorite Skater? -Mike Johnson
favorite Snowboarder? -LNP
San Francisco? -Alyona