B.o.d.e. ´n see

Last week, I passed some beautiful days at that lake called Bodensee which means something like Floorlake. Here are some pictures:

On this pic you can see Valli smoking and searching something right before some night swimming. Not that interesting, but take a closer look, then you can see funny Chris posing in the back because he thought I would picture him.

Laughing horse.

Here you can see me riding that tractor. Hold on, it´s not me, it´s my double who I engaged cause of lack of time. His real name is Benny. He looks like me, sorry, he looks a little sweeter.

This time it´s me, having some fun on the top of the P.F.änder with some musicians. Yes, that guy looks like a women but I can tell you, he is a man.