Atagge Ketch up with FAS

You probably haven´t heard much about this little crew calling themselves FAS and pretending to shit on sponsoring. They actually won´t get any deals anyway.
We set up a quick Ketch up to look into their minds.

FAS crew on their way to the top.

FAS: FAS is a symbol for something beyond religion, goddesses, worships and stuff like that. It’s like a hyperhypernatural thing we have in progress.
Resort raping? Send it, rape it, sleep, repeat.
Snack vs restaurant: Vesper
Teamsport vs gangsport: “Snowboarding isn´t a teamsport, it´s a gangsport!”
Gangmovies? Somewhen, maybe... But first, we need a real cam. (haha) Yet, we already teamed up with the boys from //District to get something for the internet crowd done.

 Ex-freeskier and -gymnast Kai finally on the dark side - Bs Nosepress.

Skateboard Pro vs Snowboard Pro: What about this “pros” everybody keeps bragging about?
Swabian vs Bavarian: Is there a battle going on?
Allgäu vs the rest of the alps: We just need snow to rape.

Moe - BRegs, glacier snout Kaunertal.

Snitches vs bitches: Girls, girls, girls. They just want our bodies.
Butterfly knife vs switchblade knife: A question slightly too philosophic.
Future: We are very focused on an application for the next olympic games. Go gold or go home.