Jibfactory ´13 / Ollie Contest

For a very detailed recap of this years "Head Jibfactory" please visit theMustachio.
Go straight to Head for the official press release. Click here, here and here for the three edits of the action.
The following photos are just a little addition including some "Atagge Highest Ollie Contest" insights.

Basti Kuhn and Gido.

Kas spreading out the wings like an eagle.

Dani enjoying that burger.

 Benny Urban.

Ralphe arrives on the scene to help out realizing the "Atagge Highest Ollie Contest".

Pre-contest Hippie jump by Eirik. (Photo by Flo Jäger)

 Benny going for a bs1 at the beginning. (Photo by Flo Jäger)

 Japan got steeze! (Photo by Flo Jäger)

The pole got higher; James too. (Photo by Flo Jäger)
Dani against the force of gravitiy. He lost. (Photo by Flo Jäger)

Andy Walker with his unique ninja-technique. (Photo by Flo Jäger)

 Jagge blasting off for the 2nd place right behind...

...Alex Tank. That little green flag tells you how the wind influence is gonna be.

In the end, Jagge got 2nd with 90cm height and Alex got 1st with 92,5cm.
Obviously their Boards got POP!