Urban Tank Diarrhea: Tokyo Superpost

 We've got a new section on the blog. Since Alex and Benny are spending most of their time on the snowboard together anyway, they got their own section here called the "Urban Tank Diarrhea" from now on. Brace yourself, boring foodpictures are coming.

First Post: Tokyo. The both of them just went to Japan for the Burton Raildays and some nuclear Sushi.

We went to a cool Snowboardshop, whose name we forgot, but seems like our homies from Gnarly just stopped by and left thing here.

We went shopping and found some hoods with scarfs on them


This was the view from the elevator in our hotel. Right next to the famous crossing in Shibuya.

And this was the view from the restaurant in the hotel. Damn, we should ride some more contests. Seems like you live like Kings there.

Other side. The only thing you see on the horizon is city. City everywhere.

Forest is so good at skating, too. Cab flip.

Ludde and Benny getting some booze and cigs.

Forest broke his board in the finals and still won the contest. Maybe it was the sticker's fault.

Stoked fan is stoked on a Alex's board.

Nils hurt his leg during the contest, so Alex pushed him around town for a couple of days. Hope he's all good.

Weird japanese shops.

awesome japanese arcades.

Benny and Nils

We also had to do some tourist stuff. Templetime.

Another picture from the breakfast. This city is just gigantic.

One last picture. Later Tokyo!