Innsbruck Vacay and Stubai

Since our boy Raffi is now living in Innsbruck, Alex decided to visit him in Cracktown to hangout, go snowboarding and drink some beers.
 An Instagram repost. That was drive up to Stubai. Right the moment when you get through the clouds early in the morning.

Hot laps and trannyfinding in one of the best pre-season parks in the alps was on the menu. The whole last week it was about 15 degrees celsius up there. Perfect slush for warming up in the early season. Even though we're no big fans of Schneestern parks, the Stubai crew did a great job in those warm temperatures and little amount of snow. As you can see we took the first picture of the park when it was already closed. We had way too much fun to take out the camera during the day.
 Another Insta-Repost. Raffi and Alex enjoying the sun.

Quite a few bags up here. For midweek it was crowded as fuck. And little too many skiers. 

 The crew for the day. Fips (his first days on snow after the ACL-injury), Alex, Raffi, Schepps, and Chris

We then went to the Innsbruck premier of Isenseven's new movie and had some beers. Raffi and Alex bricksquading.

the crowd, the best Tourmanager ever down on the right and Atagge homie: Basti Kuhn

Alex got a new Iphone...Aaaaaaaand it's gone.