Alex just found a couple of pictures he took while being on his last filming trip to switzerland a couple of weeks ago. The trip was planned as an RV-trip but since the crew was only Howzee the PhotoG, Elmi the VideoG and him, they decided to take the car and just cruise from couch to couch.

Howzee is always taking pictures. Always! A true boss behind his camera.

Switzerland has a stunning landscape. 

We found this little island on one of the most beautiful lakes we've ever seen.

We used this opportunity to take some wannabeartsy pictures.

Did we actually check, what the name of this little paradise was?

Looking down south from Gotthart to the land of good pizza.

Elmi approved!

We drove some pretty scary roads. 

From sunshine on Gotthart to foggy roads and rain on Furka within 20 km.

Switzerland has pretty impressive powerplants all over their mountains with a lot of wiring.

At the end we also found some snow. Roadgap anyone?

Clouds and Powerpoles