Atagge-Demo / Kaunertal

We had another unofficial Demo going on last weekend at Kaunertal. It was more a little gettogether with all the homies at the end of the season, but since we're deep in the hell of marketing strategies we called it a demo.
Corner 1 of the famous Kaunertal racetrack and there's this demo sign. Who the fuck didn't see it?

the new owner of the old badboy


more lifting

The whole crew and Flo. I don't know what the fuck he's doing. Attention Whore.

Elmi getting the shot and Alex doing something...

Raffi sw bs 270 to reg...

nope, didn't land it on this try. But he got it, later.

official Atagge-Soccer-Team

thanks for filming Elmi. 

the dons part two?