Jibfactory Recap

So, Jibfactory is already history again and it was a blast. Sunny weather, beers, burgers and most important: good snowboarding. Jagge took some photos in between handling the mic.

Basti Rittig and Fuchsi enjoying the sun

Boris B├╝hler and Elmi. Boris killed it the whole day on every obstacle. Well deserved winner!

Gido and Davo Struber hiking the triple straight.

the intern getting some work done

Alex's smiley inrun.

Boris 5-0 bs 1 on the marble ledge.

Felix in a tanktop. You would have never gotten such a picture two years back.

PhotoG Kornfeld. Apparently not too stoked...

...but the swiss homies were! James took one of the nastiest falls i've seen in a long time. Glad nothing serious happened.

Swoboda vs Alex. This match took ages. Backlip comparison.

the two lost dogs Butch and Marco

DJ Smart keeping everybody entertained.

Marc and Alex after almost 2 hours of battling. Well deserved Burgers.

you gotta find the angle...

Alex gap bs 270 sneak peak.

shuttle service back to the drop in

Boris killin' it again

the judges bank

thanks for making it happen, Andres!

Butch getting the bs board.

Dinnertime. Dogs were hungry.

Well, Boris is going home with two of these!