Ispo Week Mega Post

So here we go with our Ispo Week Mega Post. It all started a few days before this super boring tradeshow you can only stand by drinking your first beer at 11 a.m. Jagge had his last exam and tried his comeback in snowboarding.

But he fell pretty hard and apparently had the same injury as Alex. It was an emergancy so Waule took care of the surgery.

Toni hiking, due to problems with the t-bar.

Alex's filmershoes!

All artsy and shit!

Flo and Carmen don't like looking into cameras

All the homies were there. Jagge, Butsch, Guido, Benny, Alex,...

The man behind this month's banger park. Thanks Flo!

James came all the way from switzerland. noseblunt pretzel into the wall.

Atagge had an official booth at the Ispo. Hall A1/508. Right next to Nitro. Just in case you missed it.

That picture descripes a typical day at Ispo pretty perfectly!

Toni pre-party-piss

Cobrats founder Dani was there too.

Finaly out of this stupid tradeshow it was slushtime on the mountain. 18 degress celsius, what up?
Girls like him even more now. Safety first!

cheesy sunset shot!

Quite a few pictures were taken by our homey Steffen Kornfeld. You figure out which ones...