Atagge Ketch Up with the Drunken Masters

Big Joe and Slim-C. No men of many words, so we keep it short, too! Go check out their myspace and tourdates. They will be having a big Europe-tour in the next few weeks. If you join a gig be sure to wear an old shirt. Chances are, that your clothes will be ripped off!
Wodka vs Gin: Wodka
HipHop vs Electro: Electro
K.I.Z vs Bushido:
ganz klar K.I.Z
Platte vs Mp3: Beides
Felix Urbauer vs Steffen Kornfeld:
Felix Stornfeld
Michaela Katzenberger
legendary Forum 8:
Party vs Afterparty;
Les 2 Alpes: Wahnsinn
Big vs Slim: Slig
Drunken Masters Euro Tour: