Ataggettogether in Laax: Uberpost!

First of all: If you haven't been there, you definitely missed out on one of the funnest weeks all season! Thanks Pleasure and Laax for that superfun park! That's what we call a good park. Too bad it's closed now.
Butsch was high from shredding all day!

Miri was filming all the time again.

Toni and Swiss Commander Andy. He's a pretty good snowboarder by the way. You shouldn't challenge him in a game of SNOW or however you call it!

Flo Bürgel Memorial on Alex's pant!

Double blogging!

found this in the gondola!

Real big Macci and Carmen

Mr. Mustache aka. Bruweleit!

For sure one of the cooler guys in snowboarding: Fischi and his Makboard!

Benny, Alex and Flo hanging out!

Flo and Jake stretching

Miri and Carmen are kissing. Took this shot from fischi's blog! He has a way better recap of the week there anyway!

We never made a single snowboardpicture, since it was way to much fun to just shred that slushy park. Way better anyway. Pic: Fischi!

Alex doing switchstuff on the Makboard. Pic: Fischi!

Carmen and Toni having lunch

pretty sweet paintjob on that visor boy!