Atagge2 Prem Munich Pics

Here we have some pics of that Atagge 2 Premiere in combination with the Chicas Boardshop Party in Munich.

Julle at work, he did a great job. Felix pretty bored in the background.

On this pic, Ina is telling Julle that she just removed her plaster of her broken finger a little bit earlier than the doctors mandated. Look at his reaction. Carmen in the back.

Jagge´s telling nonsense and Alex´s preparing for some bubbles. And Tatjana, who made the evening possible.

The MOVIE nobody can watch anymore. Otherwise watch it here again.

This can´t be the truth!? Ugly Toni and lovely Ingi are a couple.

Julle showed up everywhere this evening. At the bar, in the Movie, inside the club, outside, here he´s still at work: calming down and explaining. What a night shift for him.

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